10.DRQ-[答案 Answer]香港新房屋政策


資料D 顯示價值8,000,000 港元的私人住宅樓宇單位的首期要求下跌。 (1)

任何其他相關點 (2)
[ 只批閱首兩項] 最多4 分

論文式題目評卷指引( 內容最高11 分 +有效傳意評分最高2 分),就有效傳意

[最多5 分]
參考資料E 中經濟學家的意見,持有更多物業的人士可能有更高機會透過物業價格上升( 資料A 所示) 去增加財富。(2)
[最多4 分]

由於私人住宅樓單位的交易量有所增加,印花稅稅收會增加,間接稅稅收會增加。 (2)
結果,香港政府的稅收會增加。 (1)
[最多5 分]

最多11 分

New Housing policy in Hong Kong-Suggested solution

The price of second-hand residential flats increased (1)
because the CCI was increasing. (1)

Source D shows that the down payment for a private residential flat worth HK$8,000,000 decreases. (1)
The new housing policy will increase thenumbers of buyers in the property market. (1)
The demand for private residential flats willincrease. (1)
Price and quantity transacted will increase. (1)
As a result, the total market value will increase. (1)

Advantages of basic salary plus commission over basic salary only:
Since property agents have a chance to increase income, their working incentive will increase. (2)
Since property agents’ working incentive increase, it can help lower the cost of monitoring the performance of the employees. (2)
It can spread the business risk between the employer and the employees. If the property agents sales is poor, the employers can pay less payment to the employees. (2)
any other relevant point (2)
[Mark the FIRST TWO points only.]

(d) Marking Guidelines of the DRQ: content 11marks + EC 2 marks
For the rubric of EC mark, please refer to the website of HKEAA Answer Marks
Aggregate output in the short run:
More first-time home buyers will be able to buy the flats. This will increase the property developers’ incentive to increasethe speed of providing new flats. Investment will rise. AD will rise. (2)
Besides, as the quantity transacted of private residential flats will rise, there will be more production from the related industries such as moving, renovation and services provided by property agencies. The consumption will rise. AD will rise. (2)
As a result, aggregate output will rise. (1)
[Max. 5 marks]
Income distribution:
Refer to the economist in Source E, holding more property may have a higher possibility of increasing wealth by increase in property price (shown by Source A). (2)
This new housing policy cannot benefit low-income group as they do not have enough down payment to buy a property. (1)
The income distribution would become more uneven. (1)
[Max. 4 marks]
Tax revenue:
As the quantity transacted of private residential flats will rise, the stamp duty will rise. Indirect tax revenue will rise. (2)
As the commission received by the property agents will rise with the quantity transacted of private residential flats, the salaries tax revenue will rise. The direct tax revenue will rise. (2)
As property developers and property agencies will earn a higher profits with the quantity transacted of private residential flats, the profits tax revenue will rise. The direct tax revenue will rise. (2)
As a result, the tax revenue of the Hong Kong government will rise. (1)
[Max. 5 marks]

Max. 11 marks

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